Spring Semester is Here, So Put Those Driving Skills in Full Gear!

Spring Semester is Here, So Put Those Driving Skills in Full Gear

By: Katie Hodges | Tennessee SADD Ambassador & Miss Madison County TN Volunteer

Going into a new semester of school is always exciting - seeing your friends after a long break, proms, spring vacation, and, for some, finally getting to graduate. While all of these things are fun, we still need to be mindful of what is happening around us on the road so we can arrive safely to the events we are looking forward to. Caution and driving literacy is key to driving success on the roadways. Here are a few reminders for this new semester:

1. Buckle up!

         Buckling up is something people often forget about and think isn’t as important, but that is far from the truth! Not wearing a seatbelt could result in legal consequences and potential injury. While buckling up can easily be forgotten, it can also easily save your life. Bucking up could be the difference between life and death. Seatbelts save lives!!

2. Put the phone down!

         Every day in the United States, approximately eight people lose their lives due to distracted driving (CDC 2018). Phones are a major source of distraction while driving! While texting and driving, you are not only putting yourself in danger but also everyone in your vehicle and others on the road. In the state of Tennessee, being on your phone while driving is illegal and punishable by law. That text is not worth a life! Instead, get a passenger to handle your phone, pull over, or just wait until you get to your destination.

3. Set your GPS before departing!

         Remember if you need to use your GPS, set it before you leave. By doing this you won’t be distracted by having to put the address in on your phone and you can focus on the road and drive completely focused.

4. Follow passenger restrictions!

         When you first get your drivers’ license, it is so exciting and you want to drive all of your friends around, but remember there are restrictions that come along with your license. Make sure you know and are following the rules at all times. Be sure to check your state traffic laws to learn more about your GDL passenger restrictions.

5. Maintain your vehicle!

         Don’t forget to properly service your vehicle.  Simple things like checking your tires and changing your oil can make such a difference when headed out on the road. These things can easily be forgotten,  but trust me keeping up with these things can go a long way and keep your vehicle in tip-top shape.

         These are five simple reminders before we start this new semester. I hope you have the best time and enjoy this semester - safely, of course! Don’t forget to take my advice and stay safe on the roads, not only for yourself but for others traveling as well.

Written By: Anonymous (not verified)