SADD SPEAKs Student Experiences

My name is Alyssa Royce. I am 18 years old and a senior at Edison High School in Edison, New Jersey. I will be a member of Stockton University's Honors Program this fall as a Business major and Spanish minor. Most importantly though, I am on SADD National's SLC for 2016-2017 and I am also a SADD SPEAKs alum!

Joining SADD was truly one of the best decisions I have ever made. When my dad deployed to Afghanistan, I knew that there were many different paths I could take as to how I could cope with the challenges that I was facing. I decided that bettering my community was the best approach because not only would it help me, it would help the people around me too! My involvement with SADD blossomed as time passed; first as being Vice President of my chapter, then Co-President, then on SADD SPEAKs, and now on the SLC! If there is anything that I could really stress about being on SPEAKs, it's that you become a part of a family.

The fourteen of us who were on SPEAKs in 2015 became so incredibly close. Now, we all still keep in touch! During online training, we used a Facebook group where we answered questions and held discussions about traffic safety legislation. Before we knew it, the page transformed from highway traffic bill PDFs to videos of Rick Birt dancing in the airport! So, not only will you have an amazing experience and life-changing opportunity, you will also meet new people from across the country who will become your life-long friends. 

One other thing that I noticed is that SPEAKs opens up so many doors. Out of the 10 new SLC members, six of us are 2015 SPEAKs alumni. Over half! So if you're looking to be more involved with SADD on a national level or even looking to be on the SLC in the future, SPEAKs has proven to be a great gateway! All I can really say is that SPEAKs is one of the most amazing opportunities available and I definitely encourage all SADD members to apply!

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Written By: aroyce