SADD SPEAKs Introduced me to Politics

Hi, my name is Kaylee Williams and I am a senior at Murrieta Valley High School in Murrieta California. I will be attending California State University San Marcos next fall. I have been involved with SADD for two years, and currently serve as the California SADD Student of the Year and I was recently selected for the 2016-17 SADD National Student Leadership Council.

I am also an intern and explorer sergeant with the Murrieta Police Department. One of my goals is to become a law enforcement officer after college. 

Last summer I was selected to attend SADD SPEAKs (Students for Policy Education Advocacy and Knowledge) in Washington D.C. The SADD SPEAKs program has helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. It taught me invaluable skills that I use in my daily life, police training, and at SADD events.

Speaking on Capitol Hill also made me realize how interesting politics are, so I will be studying politics in college. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to participate in SADD SPEAKs and I encourage everyone to apply!

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Written By: kwilliams