SADD SPEAKs Helped Me Grow as a Person

My name is Lexxy Meadows and I am from Point Pleasant, WV. I am currently a senior at Point Pleasant Jr/Sr High School. This upcoming fall I will be attending West Virginia University to pursue a career in exercise physiology.

In 2011, I lost my best friend, since the third grade, to a drunk driver. It was such a tragic and traumatic event for our families, loved ones, and community. I wanted to make sure that no one had to go through the pain that we did ever again. That year I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the West Virginia State SADD Conference. I spoke about my story and how one person's destructive decision ended my best friend's life.

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity to not only share my story locally but nationally when I attended SADD SPEAKs. I was chosen to tell my story at a congressional meeting, on Capitol Hill. SPEAKs not only helped me with my communication, media, and news skills but it also helped me meet people that were more like me than I ever thought possible. 

I got to spend time with other students who strived for excellence and dedication to help teens all across the United States. It was so amazing seeing people from all over the country that have the same passion as me, to ultimately save lives. These people not only changed my perspective of SADD as a whole but also helped me grow as a person. I can honestly say that the friends that I've met at SADD SPEAKs are no longer just friends, in those few short days they became my family.

Written By: ameadows