#DrivingSkills101 PSA Challenge

2021 #DrivingSkills101 PSA Challenge

October 26, 2020 - January 31, 2021


Calling all SADD students: This opportunity is for YOU! SADD, in partnership with The National Road Safety Foundation (NRSF), wants to promote the benefits of roundabouts. You may be wondering, what can I do? The answer is easy. Read the directions below, create your video, and send in your entry!

Driving in a roundabout can be scary and intimidating. We want to hear how you successfully navigate this driving challenge. To participate in the #DrivingSkills101 PSA Challenge, submit a video telling us your idea for a PSA on how to drive in a roundabout and/or how roundabouts reduce crashes.


How to Enter:

  • Create a 2-minute or less video telling us your ideas for a PSA on driving in a roundabout. NOTE: Your video is NOT the actual PSA, just your ideas. You can see an example from last year's contest HERE.
  • Upload your video to YouTube and complete the online application found here.
  • Applications received without the video will be disqualified.





  • High School students ages 13-19 are eligible to participate.
  • You and/or everyone on your team must be registered SADD members in the SADD Portal.
  • All submissions must be videos.
  • More than one team or individual may apply from a school, but a student may only be on one team or submit one individual entry.
  • All entries must be original, youth-created, and content-appropriate.
  • You must submit the online entry form along with the YouTube link to your video to be entered to win.

NOTE: NRSF and SADD will not be responsible for any technical, computer, network, typographical, human or other error, malfunction, or problem in connection with the contest.



  • One lucky chapter will win an additional $2,500 and the opportunity to have your PSA idea professionally produced by an Emmy-winning producer and broadcast on over 160 TV stations nationwide.
  • The top ten chapter finalists will each win $250.



A panel of SADD and NRSF representatives will judge the entries. Videos will be judged solely on your idea and enthusiasm, not the video quality. The winner will be chosen from the top ten submissions.



Video Submission Tips:

  • Have a quiet place to tape the video without distractions.
  • Speak slowly and clearly on the video. 
  • Record your video with your camera horizontal, not upright.
  • Review your video before submitting it to make sure it works. 

Here are some additional questions to answer when thinking about your idea.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • How do you plan to get your school and community involved in your PSA?
  • How do you plan on sharing this PSA with your school and community?
  • Why is this contest important to you?
  • How do you plan on getting your message across?


Why Use Roundabouts?

A roundabout, also known as a traffic circle, is a circular intersection with design features that promote a safe and efficient flow of traffic. The roundabout forces drivers to slow down, which helps eliminate severe types of intersection crashes such as head-on collisions, right-angle, and left-turn crashes. Roundabouts also create a safer environment for pedestrians, as they can walk on sidewalks around the perimeter and cross only one direction of traffic at a time. Crossing distances are relatively short, and driver speeds are lower than at traditional intersections.


Tips for Driving in a Roundabout:

  • Avoid driving next to oversized vehicles in a roundabout, particularly semi-trucks.
  • Slow down to enter the roundabout.
  • Enter a roundabout in a counterclockwise direction.
  • Try NOT to change lanes and follow the signs.
  • Yield to other traffic in the roundabout.
  • Proceed to the appropriate exit, signal intent, and exit.
  • Turning right? Use the right lane.
  • Turning left or making a U-Turn? Use the left lane.
  • Always stop for pedestrians and cyclists in the crosswalk.


Helpful Videos:



Contact Elizabeth Vermette.

Download the #DrivingSkills101 PSA Challenge information flyer



Many thanks to our friends at the National Road Safety Foundation for sponsoring this contest!


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