Chapter Registration

How to Start a SADD Chapter

Interested in starting a SADD chapter in your school or community? Here's what you need to know:

  • First, ask about the process at your school to start a school club/activity. SADD chapters function as school or community clubs/activities. Some schools have a formal approval process for starting a new club, which can vary from school to school, so first find out what is required. If you are starting a chapter within a community group, just check with your supervisor first.
  • Find an Advisor. Chapters are required to have an adult advisor to oversee the club and serve as the sponsor. This will be your SADD Advisor and can be teachers, counselors, coaches, secretaries, or any staff member. 
  • Register your Chapter. All SADD chapters must register through the SADD Portal. Registration takes just a few minutes. You will receive a confirmation email once you have completed your registration. There is an annual membership fee of $5 per student and advisor.
  • Chapter Name. Use SADD in the chapter name, after your school or organization name. Example: "Nashoba Valley High SADD" or "North YMCA SADD" are acceptable. 



Learn more about what a SADD Chapter does!

Be sure to read the vision, mission, and values of SADD, along with our policies!

Upon completion of the online registration/renewal, the advisor on record will receive a confirmation email with the SADD Certificate of Chapter Recognition for the current school year along with a ton of startup materials and other valuable information to keep your chapter going strong all year! Thank you for being part of SADD Nation!