A Very, Merry Unbirthday to You! (Yes, you!)

A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! (Yes, you!)

by Presley Connor | Youth Engagement Specialist


Happy Unbirthday to you!! Yes, you! 


Alice in Wonderland is a classic story of a young girl, Alice, who falls down the rabbit hole and enters right into Wonderland. In Disney’s animated movie, the characters celebrate their unbirthdays - yes, you read that right - UNbirthday. This fictional holiday can be celebrated practically any day of the year, as long as it’s not your birthday. So chances are, today is YOUR unbirthday! (If it just so happens to be your birthday today, don’t worry - we’ll totally celebrate that, too!)


In 2021, SADD is celebrating its 40th anniversary ALL YEAR LONG; it’s one big unbirthday party! We hope you’ll join us as we celebrate 40 YEARS of empowering students, engaging parents, mobilizing communities, and changing lives. Be sure to stay tuned on our social media for all of the events and updates to come!


For now, you can celebrate with us by enjoying this very, merry unbirthday song from Alice and her friends! Click the image below to listen to this fun tune:


A Very, Merry Unbirthday!


As you can see, Wonderland is a mystical world full of, well, wonder! In her adventure, Alice meets many new friends who teach her precious life lessons. Whether you’re new to the roadways or have been driving for years, these lessons can also make for great reminders when getting behind the wheel of a car. 


Like Alice when she first entered Wonderland, you may feel unfamiliar with your surroundings at times!

If you’re travelling on new roads, be sure to practice extra caution. Sudden turns, drops, or hills can be tricky, especially if you don’t know they are approaching. It’s also essential to prepare for travel by setting your GPS before putting the car in drive. Be confident in your driving skills, and avoid any rabbit holes while you’re at it!


Plan your time wisely to avoid being like the White Rabbit!

We all know the White Rabbit’s catchphrase: “I’m late, I’m late, I’m late!” Running behind can be stressful - take it from White Rabbit. It’s important not to let this stress affect your driving if you ever find yourself running late. Speeding can lead to traffic crashes resulting in significant injury or even death. Be safe and plan your time wisely to arrive on time!


Just like obstacles on the road, you never know when the Cheshire Cat will appear!

The Cheshire Cat appears and disappears as he pleases. Similarly, unexpected obstacles can seemingly pop up out of nowhere while driving. Other cars, large debris, and weather conditions can catch you off guard if you’re not alert! Keep your eyes on the road and be a defensive driver!


These are just 3 of the many lessons to be learned from Alice and her friends. As we celebrate SADD’s 40th (un)birthday this year, I encourage you to take these lessons to heart and practice safe driving daily.


And once again, I want to wish YOU a very, merry unbirthday!

Unbirthday Gif

Video credit: AICheetoh on Youtube
Written By: pconnor