Friends of SADD

Join the Friends of SADD Program!

Each year, SADD relies on the support of small business and organization owners, like you, to fuel our programming, leadership opportunities, scholarships, and more to teens across the country. We're asking you to make an annual gift of $400 to support these programs.

A Sound Business Decision 

Research shows that teens are the largest growing segment of the US economy. Millennials and Generation Z are known for conscious consumer shopping. This means that young people want to spend time and money in establishments that support them and their friends. By being a Friend of SADD, you put your money where your heart is.  

Parent Known and Parent Trusted 

Parents know the name and brand of SADD. When your organization/establishment shows you have invested in the young people of your community, you gain their respect. With their respect comes their business and support.

Your Gift is Tax-Deductible

SADD is a registered 501C(3). This means your gift can go the farthest and help your tax burden. We recommend consulting with your tax professional to learn all the benefits of supporting SADD. 

Benefits You Receive: 

• Annual window decal to display showing your support of SADD. Window decal includes a “QR Code” linking to Friends of SADD listing. 

• Listing on the Friends of SADD section of the website. The SADD website receives over 52,000 unique visits each month.  

• Knowledge that your support is fueling the programming of SADD at the local, state, and national level. 

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