Where Can I Find Blinker Fluid?... Cause We Ran Out

Where Can I Find Blinker Fluid?...

Cause We Ran Out

By: Gavin Gill | Tennessee Regional Manager

A couple of years ago, I was out to lunch with many of my employees for lunch, and it was a great day to pull a prank on someone. Well lucky for me, I had a team member at the time that believed everything you told them. Suppose you said to her that if you say the word “orange” super slow, it sounds like the word gullible. She did it, just like some of you who are reading this right now. Gullible people, they are the best.

Now back to the main story….

Since I drove everyone in my car that day, I knew the exact route to take on the way back to the office. On the way back to the office that day, I decided to make a pit stop at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts. Before I got there, I made sure to tell this team member that my blinkers were not working correctly, and I needed blinker fluid to help. Well, to my satisfaction, everyone else in the car played along. When we parked at O’Reilly’s, I asked her to buy some blinker fluid for me while the rest of us prepare to put it in the car.

Well… at this point, if you do not know blinker fluid is not real, you are just as gullible. But if you have done this before to a family member or friend, you know what comes next.

About three minutes later, she came out of the store, giving me the evilest look ever. I may have been terrified for my life at this point to laugh, but everyone, including myself, laughed as she got back into the car. Blinker fluid does not exist but tells you that entire story to tell you how important using your blinkers are.

Blinkers is a Signal, as “Bings” (sound) is a Notification

Have you ever turned off every single notification on your phone? You would never know when someone is calling or texting you. You would never know when someone sent you money on Venmo or Cash App. You would never know that you went viral on Tik Tok. Notification is a feature in our society that everyone LOVES. Why? It gives the phone user a signal of what is happening in their life or who is trying to reach them.

Now let’s apply that to the blinker feature in the cars that we drive. Have you ever been driving and the person in front of you turns with no blinker? Or when you are about to turn onto a street and the car you are waiting on turns onto the road, you are on, without putting on their blinker? Are you annoyed yet? Lastly and the most dangerous, when you drive down the highway, and someone cuts in front of you with no blinker?

Blinker feature in our car that we need to treat like the notification feature in our phones. They give us, but more importantly, the people around us, the notification that we are making a move to the left or right. Without that notification, bad things tend to occur…. Like crashes.

Catch that “L” for Left, or that “W” for Right

Since blinkers are a feature in cars that drivers tend to forget about, let me reintroduce you. There is a lever on the left side of your steering wheel to use this feature. This lever will move up and down, signaling to drivers around them left and right.

How do we know which way to push it?

If you are an athlete or playing a game, people tend to throw their arms up in victory because they made the RIGHT moves to win the game. Just like an athlete, push that lever UP to go RIGHT.

If you are an athlete or playing a game, people tend to keep their hands down by their sides or, out of frustration, throw their arms down to their side because they LOST. Just like an athlete, push that lever DOWN to go LEFT.

Now that WE ALL KNOW…

Now that we all understand how essential blinkers are and how dependent people are on them. Let us start using them. Let us regularly notify the drivers around us what our next move is. Running out of blinker fluid cannot be the excuse anymore. As drivers, let’s be more diligent in using the simple notification feature in cars, as we do our phones in everyday life.

Written By: ggill