Driving Today from A to Z

Driving Today from A to Z

By: Greg Mangan | Drive 4 Life Academy, Inc.

A. Anticipate what another road user may do. This is accomplished by remaining alert and ready! You need to know where to look and what to look for.

B. Beware the people around you. You have to be defensive every minute you drive. Consider the possibility that someone could crash into YOU!

C. Care about the condition of your car. Do routine maintenance each month and if you have a concern, take it to a qualified service center!

D. Do not engage another driver that you may have offended, and NEVER purposefully upset another road user.

E. Eyes, eyes, eyes! Use your eyes effectively and your drives with be smooth and easy!

F. Forgive road users that have made a mistake. Always remember that you, too, will make a mistake as you drive the highways and byways of your life.

G. GOLDEN RULE! It’s been touched on above, but here it is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Wow, isn’t that a great idea for driving, and for every aspect of your life?!

H. Have a clear mind when you drive. You must forget about the bad boss, the little disagreement with mom or dad, and the test that you just failed! Stay positive.

I. Ignore your friends that tell you that you are driving slower than their grandmother! When you are driving, YOU are the captain of your car. Drive YOUR drive!!

J. Jumping to be first across the intersection is a recipe for disaster! Take your time. Make sure you have checked in all directions before proceeding!

K. Keep a proper following distance! Use a minimum of a three-second buffer under perfect conditions; add one second for each adverse condition.

L. Look, look, look!! Yeah, this means using your eyes and turning your head when needed!

M. Music off, brain on! Research backs this up! You are more likely to crash when you are distracted by the radio, so pay attention to the task at hand! 

N. Never, and that means NEVER, drive your car under the influence of any mind-altering substance. And NEVER get in a vehicle with a driver that is impaired. It could save your life!

O. Open your mind to the things your driving instructor tells you. Yes, you may think you know everything there is to know about everything, but give them a chance! 

P. Pass other vehicles only when absolutely necessary. You really don’t get anywhere passing car after car, and you raise your risk with every pass.

Q. Question the sanity of anyone that thinks they can drive while impaired. They can’t. Period!

R. Right on red, unless it says? Sure, as long as you have made a complete STOP and the path is clear of vehicles and pedestrians!

S. SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH! Be smooth and easy and you will become a better and better driver.

T. Trust no other road user. You can try to predict what someone will do, but remember that you should NEVER trust a turn signal from another car.

U. Understand the right way to behave in a traffic stop. Follow instructions and be courteous through the stop. Keep your hands visible. There is much more to this, but it’s a good start.

V. Very good drivers have practiced for hours upon hours. Then they have practiced more! Always make sure to practice perfectly to become perfect!!

W. When you are getting ready to turn, USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL! Use it for every turn or change of direction. Use it in parking lots and even turning into your driveway. Develop a good habit!

X. X-Ray vision would be great to have to see inside the cars with the illegally tinted windows. Make sure your car abides by all local and federal restrictions!

Y. You will be a great driver! Repeat…you WILL be a great driver!

Z. Zero injuries and fatalities are not enough. Let’s work towards having zero crashes!!


Written By: Anonymous (not verified)