book coverReality Gap:
Alcohol, Drugs, and Sex—What Parents
Don’t Know and Teens Aren’t Telling

by Stephen Wallace, SADD’s Senior Advisor for Policy, Research, and Education

Reality Gap paints an alarming portrait of a modern-day adolescence filled with potentially deadly behaviors carefully hidden from the view of parents and other adults. But it is also a book about hope and inspiration, pointing to the incredibly powerful role that parents and other mentors can play in the lives of young people and highlighting the tremendous contributions that many teens are making to their families, schools, and communities.

Combining stories from today’s teens with original, groundbreaking research conducted by SADD and Liberty Mutual Insurance, Reality Gap offers an intriguing analysis of the adolescent decision-making process and shares important conclusions.

Most critically, the book shares common-sense solutions and practical steps for parents and other important adults, such as teachers, coaches, counselors, and health care providers, to use in their relationships with teens.

Reality Gap reveals:

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book coverSTAND UP!: 75 Young Activists Who Rock the World,
And How You Can, Too!

by John Schlimm

Stand Up! is the generation-defining call to action and collection of stories by 75 of the world’s most dynamic young activists—including an extraordinary SADD youth leader—some of whom started their efforts as early as three years old and many have founded their own nonprofit organizations. Today, through their grassroots movements and international work, they are bringing their own brand of savvy compassion and unstoppable courage to the crossroads of social entrepreneurship and activism. These young men and women are on the frontlines of the global youth movement to change the world for the better.

Every story in Stand Up! is a launching pad for lessons and discussions on many topics. The 174-page eBook companion, Stand Up! Discussion Guide, is available for free download and contains discussion questions, vocabulary words, and a synopsis for each story in the book, along with a detailed Subject Index. Like the stories themselves, the goal of this guide is to use the questions as gateways to debate and exchanges that will encourage participants to further expand their knowledge, share experiences, open minds, take action, inspire change, and bring people closer together.

Where Should I Sit at Lunch? The Ultimate 24/7 Guide to Surviving the High School Years
by Harriet S. Mosatche, Ph.D and Karen Unger, M.A.

Where Should I Sit at Lunch? gives high school students the inside scoop on figuring out who they are and where they want to go by offering every teen the kind of comprehensive, down-to-earth advice they need and want. In chapter nine, "The Pressure’s On," SADD Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Wallace shares his perspective. Teens Today research by SADD and Liberty Mutual Group found that what teens and their friends feel about themselves plays a significant role in whether they choose to drink or take drugs and make other unhealthy choices. Wallace offers five action steps to help teens make healthy lifestyle choices.

Where Should I Sit at Lunch? is filled with checklists, quizzes, and tips from a variety of experts. Parents, teachers, and guidance counselors will find it helpful as it provides an inside view of the lives of high school students today and can help start conversations on managing time and money or settle arguments about curfews and parties. Through the four years of high school, teens will keep coming back to this book for the information, ideas, and insights that help them keep their perspective, hang onto their sense of humor, and survive the most challenging days.

Where Should I Sit at Lunch?
The Ultimate 24/7 Guide to Surviving the High School Years

Harriet S. Mosatche, Ph.D. and Karen Unger, M.A.
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Dear Mr. Nelson

Dear Mr. Nelson
by Kenneth E. Nelson

A longtime SADD volunteer from California and recipient of SADD’s Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998, Ken Nelson has authored a book entitled, Dear Mr. Nelson, published by Xlibris in July 2010.

Over the span of 28 years, more than 3,500 mostly troubled teenagers from California’s and Western Nevada’s senior high schools wrote candid, revealing letters to Ken while he was speaking to their classes about alcohol abuse and underage drinking and driving. Many of these letters were selected for inclusion in this 284-page book, and combined with Ken’s observations, comprise a unique resource you may like to own. Counselors, health and driver education teachers, and parents will gain from these honest expressions from our young people. Ken has also found that teenagers themselves are the most enthusiastic readers about the experience of their peers.

Mr. Nelson can be reached by mail at 1132-34th Avenue, Sacramento, California, 95822.

Dear Mr. Nelson
Kenneth E. Nelson
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The Student’s Guide to Successful FundraisingThe Student’s Guide to Successful Fundraising
by Cara Filler

Fundraising is hard work, but that doesn't mean it can't be FUN, too. Follow Cara's step by step guide to learn everything you need to know to host successful events that raise money every single time.

By the time you finish The Student's Guide to Successful Fundraising, Cara's tips, templates, suggestions and stories will turn you into a fundraising expert.

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