"I recently had the opportunity to hear Stephen speak to parents and teenagers at a New England prep school over Parent's Weekend. His book, Reality Gap, is a must read for all parents, aunts, uncles, and adults who have children in their lives. A truly impressive presenter, speaker, and a professional who believes in and cares about teenagers and their trials and tribulations. His speeches are smart, honest, and first-hand accounts of what today's teenagers encounter."              

- Melanie Marken, Alumni Association, Tilton School

"Having known Stephen Wallace for the past quarter century, I've heard him speak to myriad groups in various settings. He has a unique ability to engage his audience, whether campers, parents, students, or physicians. He is very knowledgeable, insightful, entertaining, and passionate. He stimulates conversation, debate, and thought. I strongly endorse Stephen Wallace as a speaker and as an author."

- Leif R. Norenberg, M.D., Head of Pediatrics, Cape Cod Hospital

“Stephen Wallace speaks to adults and students with the same immediacy and passion. His solid facts back up his assertions. His caring dedication to young people wins over his audience and holds people in rapt attention.”

- Dr. Richard Enemark, Headmaster, Doane Stuart School

"His energy and enthusiasm, as well as his tremendous knowledge and experience gave the parents renewed faith that adults can make a difference in the lives of their teens. The students tuned in to his presentation because he is a lively and entertaining speaker, and after the speech it was clear that his message had gotten through!”

- Alison Eichler, Parent

"Stephen Wallace is not only a mentor to me but a close friend as well. He has provided me with the guidance necessary to face difficult decisions, and he can relate to both students and parents alike. Stephen is very enthusiastic and has a genuine interest in helping teenagers get through difficult times.” 

- Jamie Blangiardo, Teen

"He is persuasive, knowledgeable, and personable. He has a vast amount of experience and spends a great deal of time with children asking, listening, sharing, and guiding. He is a moving and passionate speaker, and I would highly recommend him.”

- Kay Wynant, Parent

"Stephen addresses difficult and provocative issues – with insight and compassion – backed by the landmark SADD/Liberty Mutual Teens Today studies. His presentation is thoughtful and clear – and vital to all who serve youth.”

- Harriet Gamble, American Camp Association

"Stephen connects with faculty because he is amusing, full of the kinds of anecdotes that resonate with those who work with kids professionally. He is effective with parents because he helps them understand their kids more clearly. I think people carry away a clear idea about what they actually need to do when working with young people – and living with their own children.”

- Jay Stroud, Tabor Academy