“My parents played the role of being a parent in my life. They were not my best friend and they did not allow me to do whatever just to be liked. My parents parented me and made sure I was making the right choices and that I was in safe situations. They would always be sure to look into places and parties before they allowed me to attend. They were always sure that I knew that if I needed them I could call. They always told me before I left the house what they expected from me and that they trusted me. I always wanted to be trusted and therefore I followed their rules. When I broke them I faced the consequences.” 

- Andrea, Senior


"We are shaped by our parents; we learn and grow as a product of their approval and their expectations. But it is up to us to take what we get and turn it into something unique and our own. Listening to your parents won't make you exactly like them, but it will help you find yourself."

- Travis, Senior