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SADD Chapters Benefit From Partnership with American Cellular Donation Organization

Marlborough, MA, December 16, 2005 – If you receive a cell phone this holiday season, don’t throw your used phone away! Give it to SADD and help save young lives. In a unique opportunity to help save lives and protect our environment, SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) is partnering with American Cellular Donation Organization (ACDO) in an easy, no cost cell phone recycling program.

Over the past year, SADD chapters in middle and high schools across the country have sponsored this program, raising more than $17,000 to date to support their local chapter activities and events.

"More than 150 SADD chapters have signed up to run a drive," states Vincent Serio, Chief Executive Officer of ACDO. "More than 100 of those chapters have completed their drive, shipped their collection of phones, and benefited by receiving their portion of the more than $17,000 awarded by ACDO. This augments the $30,000 donation that was initially donated by ACDO to SADD National as the program launched in September 2004. This is just a small step towards our goal of raising critical funds to support young people in their efforts to teach their peers the importance of making informed, safe decisions. And it’s as easy as turning in your old phone," adds Serio.

ACDO’s mission is to protect the environment by recycling used, outdated cellular phones while raising funds for a great cause. Through SADD, more than 8,400 cellular phones have been collected. Of the phones collected, 1,614 were non-working and have been recycled according to proper EPA guidelines to protect our environment. The remaining 6,811 cell phones proved working, and what was once someone’s trash has been turned into cash to benefit SADD programs and activities, ultimately helping to save lives by empowering young people to make healthy choices.

ACDO’s program turns donated used cell phones into charitable cash through their sale to third world countries and small retailers. SADD, as well as other participating charities, will receive 100% of the proceeds from the campaigns they sponsor. ACDO provides a free campaign kit to those chapters who sign up to run a drive, provided the chapter will make the commitment of following through with the campaign.

According to Serio, there are more than 500 million idle cell phones in the United States, creating an abundance of product that can be donated and turned into charitable cash.

"Every 23 seconds a new cell phone comes off the production line, creating 800 million new cell phones worldwide just this year," adds Serio, "this gives you a good idea as to how many old cell phones will sit unused in people’s homes."

SADD students and chapter advisors interested in signing up can call toll-free at 888-863-2355 to receive their free cell phone drive campaign kit. Those interested in donating their old cell phones to support SADD are urged to visit to find the nearest drop off location.


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