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Even though everyone knows safety belts save lives, many teens still don't wear them, which results in many unnecessary deaths.


To remind everyone that safety belts are easy to use and do save lives


  1. A recent model, full-size, four-door sedan with manual lap/shoulder belts in front and rear
  2. Two monitors
  3. Four traffic cones or other items to keep the relay area safe
  4. A stopwatch that registers hundredths of a second (0.00)
  5. Score sheet for recording times. Click here to download the score sheet.
  6. A whistle
  7. A pen

Safety belts save lives. But an alarming number of today's teens do not wear their safety belts, and the result can be deadly. Students need to make safety belt use a priority for themselves and their peers.  

The Quick Click Challenge is a competition that demonstrates the ease of putting on and taking off a safety belt. Teams of four students and/or adults race against each other in this safety belt relay.

What to Do

  1. Find an area that is level and paved to provide good footing.  
  2. Set up ropes or cones to keep spectators out of the competition area. One of the four cones should be positioned at each corner of the vehicle approximately four inches from the bumpers.
  3. Divide group into teams of four players each (someone can go more than once if the teams are uneven).
  4. The four members will start buckled in their seats.
  5. When the whistle is blown, the stopwatch is activated.   Each person will unbuckle and move to the next seat (of a clockwise rotation).
  6. One monitor will watch and blow the whistle when all four players are buckled up.  
  7. The action is repeated four times, so that each person sits once in each seat.  
  8. When each member is back in his/her original seat, the time is stopped and recorded by the second monitor.
  9. The team that completes the rotation in the shortest amount of time is the winner.  
  10. Winning teams can compete with teams from other schools or challenge teachers to a "belt-off."   

Making Your Quick Click Challenge Relay a Success


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