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Even though everyone knows safety belts save lives, many teens still don't wear them, which results in many unnecessary deaths.


To increase the awareness of safety belt usage and to make use a priority among teens

Making daily announcements over the school intercom system is a great way for SADD chapters to promote safety messages. Listed below are sample announcements. Customize them to your state and promote these safety belt messages over your school intercom. These announcements may be read by a student, a school resource officer, another school staff person, or the principal over a one- or two-week period. Be sure to get approval from your school administration before getting on the microphone!  


Today's tip from SADD: A safety belt will save your life - but only if you use it! Wearing a safety belt increases your chances of avoiding death or serious injury in a crash by up to 50%. When was the last time you remember hearing about a fatal crash in which the victims were wearing their safety belts?   


Today's tip from SADD: Getting a free facial is great, unless you end up with a disfigured face instead. Don't wear your safety belt and you're a lot more likely to be thrown from the car. You'll be using the world's most powerful facial scrub: pavement. For more extensive work, try a brick wall. Safety belts can secure you and the people you care about. Not wearing a safety belt can give you a whole new look.


Today's tip from SADD: You can fly without a plane ticket. Don't wear a safety belt, and you can fly right out of the car in a crash. It's a brief flight, and the landing stinks - so does the crippling injury or disfigurement you might get as a result. Safety belts can secure you and the people you care about, but only if you're buckled up.


Today's tip from SADD:   Driving around the corner can be deadly. Just going to the store or a friend's house? Wear your safety belt! Eighty percent of traffic fatalities occur within 25 miles of home and at speeds less than 40 miles an hour. Please remember to always buckle up!


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