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Elementary students look up to high school students; there’s no better way to capitalize on this hero worship than by having SADD students serve as mentors to younger kids!


For high school SADD students to provide elementary students with information, skills, encouragement, and support

DON’T CONFRONT YOUR FRIEND'S PARTNER about his or her abuse unless your friend agrees it would be helpful. If the partner is violent, you could be in danger and that danger could be worse for your friend.

IT’S GOOD TO SUPPORT A FRIEND. Help your friend become informed, but don't try to carry the load alone!

Above all, remember: anyone can end up in trouble, even you!

Helping a Friend Who Is Abusive

OFFER TO GO with your friend to a counselor for help. He/she can't solve the problem alone.

HELP YOUR FRIEND take responsibility for this behavior by naming abuse when you see it or hear it. Tell your friend that blaming drinking, drugs, or a partner for abusive behavior is an not an excuse.

TELL YOUR FRIEND that violent behavior is wrong and that assault is a crime!

LISTEN AND BE PATIENT. It's hard for anyone to admit he/she has a problem.

TELL YOUR FRIEND THE FACTS about abuse and violence. Let your friend know that failing to get help could cost him or her to lose that partner.

TELL YOUR FRIEND that abuse is learned behavior that can
be changed.

Elementary school kids can’t wait to be older. They will probably pay more attention to high school students than to their own teachers! That’s why it’s such a great idea for high school SADD students to visit elementary schools and discuss the facts about violence, tobacco, drugs, and alcohol and the harm they can cause.

When working with younger students, keep in mind that a good presentation will incorporate visuals, music, and opportunities for interaction. Also remember that the messages delivered and the materials used should be age-appropriate.

Here are some specific activity ideas.

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