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December – SADD Calendar
December – HIV/AIDS Awareness Month
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Nearly 34 million people worldwide are living with AIDS; it has replaced malaria and tuberculosis as the world’s deadliest infectious disease. Awareness programs are critical because infection is highly preventable by using proper prevention techniques.


To promote awareness of ways to prevent contracting AIDS and HIV

December is AIDS Awareness Month, but as the world’s deadliest infectious disease, AIDS is a subject that can and should be discussed throughout the year. Knowledge is the key to HIV/AIDS prevention. Provide information about prevention and debunk myths about HIV and AIDS.

SADD chapters can raise awareness among their friends and students by using the information on the following pages and undertaking these initiatives.

SADD chapters can also facilitate dialogues to help educate their peers.

Work with the guidance counselor, health teacher, or school nurse to incorporate information about HIV/AIDS in the health curriculum.


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