Statistics Activity

Time of Year

October – SADD Calendar
October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Any time of year


When people realize how common dating violence is, they can recognize warning signs and feel less isolated if it is happening to them.


To increase teens’ awareness of the incidence of dating violence  


Middle or high school students

Materials Needed
  • White board, chalk board, or flip-chart paper
  • Markers or chalk

What to Do

  1. Write the statements below on the board or on a flip chart, leaving a blank space for the answer.
  2. Read the statement and have the group guess the correct statistic. (You may also paste the statements on the wall, write the statistics on flashcards, and have students paste the statistic with the statement they believe is the correct answer.)
  3. Once they guess the correct answer or several people have guessed, write the correct answer.
  4. Consider getting small prizes like candy or key chains to give to those who guessed correctly or the closest to the correct answer.

Write the following statements, leaving the statistic blank for the group to guess. After students have guessed the correct answer, read the bulleted point.

National studies estimate that 28% of teen dating relationships involve violence.

According to the FBI, every 15 seconds in the United States a woman is beaten by an intimate partner.

Domestic/dating violence is the #1 reason why women go to the emergency room (more than car accidents, muggings, and rapes combined).

Of women who report being raped at some point in their lives, 54% say that they were raped before the age of 19.

The rate of domestic violence in same-gender relationships is 25%.

More than 70% of pregnant or parenting teens experience violence in their dating relationships.

In a recent study of high school students who were abused …

This activity is adapted from the RESPECT program of Youth Eastside Services Teen Dating Violence Program.

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