Agree/Disagree (also known as Cross the Room or Stand Up Sit Down)

Time of Year

October – SADD Calendar
Any time of year


By encouraging teens to discuss teen dating violence and to consider what makes a relationship healthy, teens will develop a keener understanding of what constitutes a
good relationship.


To begin a discussion about dating violence and to increase teen’s awareness about the issue


Middle or high school students

Many teens experience dating violence. National studies estimate that by the age of 20, close to one-third of all young women will experience dating violence. Dating violence can occur in any relationship regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic background, or sexual orientation.

What to Do

  1. Make “Agree” and “Disagree” signs.
  2. Hang the signs on opposite sides of the room and clear a walking space.
  3. Tell participants that you are going to read a statement. Click here to download the statements that you can use for this exercise. After hearing the statement they should pick which side they would like to stand on. Discourage people from standing in the middle for the purpose of this activity. (If space is limited you may use the Stand Up Sit Down format: if members agree with statements they should stand). 
  4. Once people are situated, ask a few members from each side to say why they chose to stand there. Remind members that it is all right to disagree with a statement but not with each other. 
  5. After hearing from the group, read the indented comment.

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