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2006 SADD National Awards Program

At this year’s national conference, SADD was proud to recognize the stellar work of some of its most outstanding contributors, chosen from the SADD representatives attending the conference. SADD presented the following awards.

Outstanding Contribution Award

  • City Year
    Boston, MA

    This year’s SADD National Outstanding Contribution Award was presented to City Year. Founded in Boston in 1988 by Harvard Law School roommates Michael Brown and Alan Khazei, City Year calls on young people to dedicate one year of full-time community service to their community or country. City Year was built on the belief that one person can make a difference and with the vision that one day service will be a common expectation – and a real opportunity – for all citizens around the world. City Year has helped inspire the national AmeriCorps program and enlisted 10,000 young people in 16 U.S. locations and its first international location, South Africa.

The 2006 Youth Empowerment Awards
This year SADD National created new awards to honor the stellar work of some of its most outstanding participants. The winners were chosen from the SADD chapters attending the conference.

  • The Power of One
    SADD National Advisor of the Year
    Sue Entrekin
    Red Bay High School SADD Advisor
    Red Bay, Alabama

    Sue Entrekin from Red Bay High School in Red Bay, Alabama, has been a SADD advisor for ten years, has been active at both the state and national levels, and has kept SADD active both in her own community and in the surrounding communities in her county. The county’s community education coordinator says of Sue, "She inspires her students to soar by training them to become youth advocates for changing the community’s attitudes toward alcohol and other destructive behaviors."
  • The Power of Many
    SADD National Activity of the Year
    MACCRAY High School SADD Chapter
    Clara City, Minnesota

    The MACCRAY High School SADD chapter in Clara City, Minnesota, taped a mock nighttime talk show. The host interviewed special guests about an upcoming SADD campaign. The show was so effective it will be distributed to other schools throughout the county. The SADD students who drafted, designed, and acted in the show used creativity and humor to teach valuable SADD lessons.

  • The Power of SADD
    SADD National Chapter of the Year
    Phoenix Country Day School
    Paradise Valley, Arizona

    The SADD chapter at Phoenix Country Day School in Paradise Valley, Arizona, holds monthly meetings, sponsors interesting activities, and serves an educational function. It also schedules meetings to talk about issues and behaviors that are challenging within the chapter itself and among its members. The chapter evaluates each of its activities and even its meetings to keep improving. This approach must be working, because a significant majority of the students in the school participate in SADD.


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