SADD is in the process of building a new registration system and database for the 2015-16 school year. Until this process is complete, we are not accepting new chapter registrations or renewals (remember, all SADD chapters are asked to renew their registration once each school year).

Current SADD advisors will receive an email when the new system is launched – which is expected by September 30.

Here are answers to some questions we’re receiving:

When is registration going to open? Help, I want to renew my chapter right away!
As stated above, we’re hoping for a September 30 launch date. Massive technology projects like the one we’re undergoing represent a challenge, and we promise that we’re working as quickly as we can to make it happen.

I’m starting a new chapter, and now I can’t register it? So I have to hold off doing anything until the new system launches?
No, you’re welcome to go ahead and start meeting, recruiting chapter members, conducting activities, etc. There’s no reason to wait for the registration system to launch. If you need additional explanations for school administrators or others requiring “proof” that you’re registered, please contact

How will I know when the new registration system launches?
Existing advisors – those who renewed last year and for whom we have correct contact information – will receive an email with a link directly to the registration page, which will be pre-filled with your information. Make any edits and click “submit.” This email will be sent once the system launches. For new advisors of existing chapters and new chapters, you can check back here in mid-September and click the link to register.

I found a paper chapter registration form from years past, so I’m just going to mail/fax that in instead.
One of the advantages of the new system is that it removes data entry work from our tiny national staff. So we ask you please don’t submit paper registrations, and instead wait for the new system.

Do you have other questions or issues? Please email or call 1-877-SADD-INC, x223. Thanks for your patience while we build this new system that will help us better track our chapters – and make the renewal process easier for you as well!

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