Combating Violence ... An Action Plan

SADD has always worked to prevent injuries and save young lives. SADD's efforts to end underage drinking and impaired driving have achieved much success. Impaired driving is no longer the number one killer of young people. However, America is experiencing a new deadly epidemic -- violence. Violence encompasses a broad range of troubling behaviors and emotions shown by students -- including serious aggression, physical attacks, bullying and dangerous interpersonal behaviors.

To continue its leadership in working to save young lives, SADD must attack the issue of violence. SADD members must apply their caring energy to the challenge of creating a better, less violent world and to work to extend their caring powers to others. The following is an action plan that SADD chapters can use to work with others to make this world a safer place.

What Parents Can Do to Stop the Violence

Violence is a learned behavior -- it can be unlearned!

What Your SADD Chapter Can Do

What Your School Can Do to Stop the Violence

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