School Activities

Calling Card for Homecoming- Have cards printed up with message such as "After Homecoming, arrive alive, Don't drink and drive." Distribute to local tuxedo rental shops and florists for distribution.

Spring Break Blitz- Have an annual Spring Break party for students -- the day before Spring Break. Set up a large area with sand for a "beach." Have volleyball during lunch, a swimsuit fashion show by local store, free ice cream, etc.

Lollipop Day- Distribute lollipops with the message "Don't be a sucker -- drinking and driving kills!"

Newspaper Ads/Bulletins- Work with your school paper, community paper, PTA bulletin, school bulletins and/or school announcements. Put in information about your chapter and its activities and include statistics about drinking.

School /Community Murals- Do a mural with drug-free messages. Ask each student in the school and/or chapter to help out. Have a dedication with city officials or school administration.

Skeleton Display- Use the science department skeleton in a wheelchair to portray the message "Think twice when a drunk driver offers to take you WITH HIM."

Birthday Message- Deliver a birthday card and key chain to students in the school when they turn 16 with a message about being sober.

Teacher Appreciation- Have a teacher appreciation brunch, lunch or breakfast. Present each teacher with an apple as a way to say thanks for supporting SADD activities.

Trash Can Decorations- Paint trash cans for your community, park, or school with the message "Trash drunk driving."

Never Again Campaign- If a student loses his/her life or is injured in a crash, sponsor a "never again" campaign in honor of that student.

Billboard Campaign- Get a billboard for one year. Have names of those killed put on the board after each crash.

Candlelight Vigil- Have a vigil in honor of those killed by drunk drivers. Partner with MADD, police departments, or other service groups.

Video- Make a video of students practicing refusal skills in difficult situations. Use as a teaching tool or to supplement an awareness program.

Survey- Survey students to find out about their attitudes and concerns on teen issues. Use that information to present workshops on those topics.

Support Groups- Help sponsor a support group (through your counseling department) for students who live in homes where alcohol or drug abuse is taking place.

Open House- Set up safe driving/drug-free booth at your school's open house night. Ask parents to take a "Contract For Life" home.

Buckle Up For Safety- Place "Buckle Up Against Drunk Driving" signs in the school parking lot.

Friends Are Forever Chain- Create a chain with hundreds of hand-prints (use paint) on the school sidewalk, or community's Main Street sidewalk. Use the theme such as "Take a Hand in Friendship - Save a Life. Don't Drink and Drive."

Resource Room- Check with your school/public library to ask if they have a drug and alcohol information resource room or area. Offer to help obtain material for the room. Use money from fund-raisers to purchase new items.

Poster Contest- Exchange posters with another school. Have the contest exchange winners with another school or make it a competition.

Speed Bump Messages- Print "Buckle Up" and "Don't Drink and Drive" messages on your parking lot speed bumps at your school, area mall, etc.

Blue Light Special- Place a blue light bulb in a known place at school or town area. When a DUI crash happens, change to red for 24 hours.

Theme Contest- Have each grade as a team. Members make up phrases dealing with road safety and drinking and driving. Be sure to include some fun themes, too! Have local merchants donate prizes for the winning team.

Coffin Display- Have displayed a few days before prom or graduation. Place a mirror in the coffin so people will be looking at themselves. Use the message "This Could Be You - Don't Drink and Drive."

Mock Crash- Have police and fire departments help put together a mock crash for juniors and seniors during prom season. (Contact SADD office for more details.)

Coffin Assembly- Start off an assembly by having a coffin on stage. Open curtains with only one light on - focused on coffin. Have 2-5 minutes of nothing except the visual contact of the coffin. When there is silence, there is thought. Then begin the assembly.

Limo Ride- Raffle off a limo for the prom. Either give away raffle tickets or use as a fund-raiser.

Merchant Discount- Work with merchants to offer discounts from tux rentals, flowers or restaurants to those who sign contract or pledge cards indicating no drinking during prom season.

Announcement- Have half-time message announced about safe drinking after the game.

Dead Night- Have appearances of "dead people" every 53 minutes during a football game. Display signs on their backs that read "Drunk Driving Kills." Have them wear all black with faces painted white.

Remembrance Vigil- If your school lost a student or a faculty member within the last school year, hold a candlelight vigil during half-time in remembrance.

Membership Drive- Set up a table during school registration. Offer juice, water, cookies, etc.  Invite students to sign up early.

Mock-tail Contest- Get involved with the spirit. At Christmas time, sponsor a contest of non alcoholic drinks and publish the list in the school paper, parent newsletter, or hometown paper. Offer to make the winning drink during a teachers meeting, PTA group, or even the school board meeting as refreshments.

Game Show- Use the outline of a TV game show and change it to fit the design of an assembly (for example, "Win, Lose, Or Draw!") Have contestants from each class and use drawings to illustrate safe holiday.

Rap Contest- Sponsor a rap contest about being sober. Winner would perform at a pep rally.

Bionic Day- Have a SADD-sponsored bionic day -- "Believe it or not, I care."

Mock DUI Stop- Work with your local law enforcement agency to invite an officer to come out and perform a mock DUI stop and tests to a student who is portraying a drunk driver.

Guest Speakers- Have a police officer, social worker, victim of a drunk driving crash, or a person who was the drunk driver talk.

Video/Movies- Try to provide some different videos about alcohol and drugs for individual teachers to use during their own class time. Your state may have some that may be borrowed at no charge. Also call your police or health agencies - they sometimes have materials you can distribute.

Volleyball/Other Tournament- Just for fun sponsor  tournaments using other clubs, classes, or teachers to have games during lunch. Present a trophy to the winning team or provide donuts one morning or pizza at lunch. This could be an annual event.

BYOB- Have a party with the theme "BYOB" -- "Bring Your Own Banana." Offer refreshments and ice cream for banana splits.

SADD Spirit Day- Have all members wear their SADD shirts on meeting days or a specific day each month.

Game Night- Sponsor a game night for 4th through 6th graders from your feeder school. Have members bring their own board games for a better variety. Plan several different contests during the night. If it goes well, sponsor the night once a month.

B-I-N-G-O Night- Have your club sponsor a Bingo Night where members will run several Bingo games and offer prizes to the winners. (SADD mugs, T-shirts, pens, etc., could be several of the prizes.)

Casino Night- With the help of parents, have your chapter sponsor a casino night during which gambling tables and coin machines are set up, and serve non alcoholic drinks.

Dance Lessons- Sponsor dance lessons as a fund-raiser for your chapter (i.e. country, hip-hop, club, etc.).

Get a Kiss! - Set up a game in which questions will be asked about drinking and driving status, laws, and consequences. (You could also throw in other questions that the crowd would know.) The contestant who answers correctly receives a kiss... a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss!

Battle of the Bands- Sponsor a battle of the bands to create a drug and alcohol-free activity.

Poster Power- Put up posters about your chapter in storefront windows, movie theaters, corporation message boards, tuxedo shops, parking garages, bus stations, and restaurants by the exit.

Baby-sitter Survival Kit- Assemble a kit - what to do if the parents come home drunk, what to say, how to keep the job, etc. Don't just "stick it out" and ride home with an impaired person. Distribute to Boys & Girls Clubs, 4-H and other youth groups.

Non-alcoholic Bartenders Contest- Sponsor a citywide bartenders contest to create the best non alcoholic mixed drink. Have celebrities judge and present trophies to winners.

Poster/Essay Contest - Offer a poster contest with prizes for the entries. This is a great way to get your Art or English classes involved!

Decorate a Door Contest- If your school has homerooms, have a contest for each homeroom to decorate the door with a drug/alcohol-free message.  Have local officials or parents do the judging and offer a party to the winning class.

Sucker/Lifesaver- Pass out suckers with the messages, "Don't be a sucker! -- Don't Drink and Drive" or Lifesavers with the message, "Be a Lifesaver... Don't Drink and Drive."

Health Fair- Invite agencies to set up booths during lunch. Have a radio station DJ there to play music. Some suggestions for booths include - AAA, MADD, National Council on Alcoholism, local police, hospital personnel, American Cancer Society, seat belt, neighborhood associations, etc.

Red Ribbon Rampage- Tie red ribbons on all doors and/or lockers with reminders of an alcohol/drug-free school. Sell carnations with the Contract for Life. Put fliers on cars during football/basketball games with information about SADD.

Announcements- Have announcements each morning about drinking and driving statistics. Do them at a set time each day or, if you are having a one day event, do them during each class that day.

Crash Car Display- Many local junkyards will donate the use of a crashed car to have on campus. Make a sign that reads, "You Drink, You Drive, You Die!" to hang on the car. Make sure that the car and incident it was involved in is unknown. You do not want to cause more grief to someone who sees this specific car on display.

Halloween Fun- Sponsor a costume party for a younger age group. Have a spook house with non-alcoholic drinks.

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