Real Life SADD: Rock-A-Thon

Bishop Hendrickson SADD students hosted a Rock-A-Thon for eight Rhode Island schools. Participating students, who received sponsorships for their participation in the Rock-A-Thon, rocked on rocking chairs for 25 hours straight. While the students were rocking, they were allowed to play cards and games, chat, eat, make friends, and read. The Rock-A-Thon provided a great opportunity for interaction with students from different schools, a safe alternative for students, and a way for students who share the same healthy lifestyle to gather together. The SADD chapter included their MADD sponsored victim’s family into this activity. They also received media coverage for their event, with three broadcast news channels and two local papers covering the event. The event raised approximately $4,000 for the SADD chapter and Teamspirit, a leadership conference run by MADD RI.

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