Real Life SADD: Battle of the Bands

The Kearny High School SADD chapter has organized “Battle of the Bands” every October 30th for many years. Battle of the Bands was created to prevent students from going out on what’s known as “Mischief Night,” the night before Halloween. Students from the high school can show their musical talents by performing in a band during the event, which usually includes 6-9 different bands each performing 2-4 songs. After each performance, SADD students appear onstage to give facts about alcohol and drugs. During the intermission, the chapter sells refreshments and “SADD Battle of the Bands” t-shirts to raise money. Also during intermission, the chapter members perform a skit about the perils of impaired driving. The entrance fee is $5 for students and kids and $7 for adults, and every student must present a student ID at the entrance. Planning starts in June of the previous year, and SADD students create fliers announcing the event and encouraging students to gather their bands. During the first month of the school year, fliers announcing the event date and signup dates are posted. Throughout October, SADD students are very busy getting the event ready for a great night of music and fun.

battle of the bands battle of the bands

battle of the bands

battle of the bands

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