Community Activities

Operation Turkey - Distribute turkey dinners to families who would not otherwise have anything for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Work with Community Officials- Set up a program with resource officers and local police departments in getting the SADD message out to the school and community.

Traveling Skits- Work with your Drama Club to put together skits dealing with peer pressure, how to say no, role-playing, etc. Offer to community meetings, PTA meetings, younger grades and peers.

Newspaper Ads/Bbulletins- Work with your school paper, community paper, PTA bulletin, school bulletins and/or school announcements.  Put in information on your chapter and its activities plus statistics about drinking.

TV / Radio Public Service Announcements- Make sure the community knows what your chapter is doing.

Parades- Participating in a parade is an easy way to get the word out. And it's fun, too. Find out which ones are in your area and plan a theme.

Seminars- Offer workshops or seminars for parents, teachers or peers. Cover topics dealing with teens and driving, pressures and/or refusal skills.

Rest Stops- During many holiday weekends, communities offer free coffee or donuts. SADD members can help pass out refreshments and information about safe and sober driving.

School/Community Murals- Do a mural with drug-free messages. Ask each student in the school and/or chapter to help out. Have a dedication with city officials or school administration.

Victim Fund- Organize a fund (of at least $200) to be given to a victim or the family of a drunk driving crash. (This fund could help with the cost of a funeral, medical expenses, travel money to the hospital, etc.)

CPR Day- Contact your local fire department or paramedics and ask if they will come out to your school to teach CPR.

Adopt-a-Highway- Contact the highway safety department and adopt a stretch of highway to help keep our community clean!

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