Inhalant Abuse

SADD and the Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) partnered to create an Inhalant Abuse Prevention Facilitators Guide and Lesson Plan. The guide prepares facilitators to discuss inhalant abuse with middle and high school students through interactive activities that inform the students on the statistics, dangers, and warning signs of inhalant abuse. The guide is especially useful for high school peer leaders to work with and speak to middle school students about inhalants. However, anyone who wants to help increase awareness about inhalant abuse and prevention should find the guide easy-to-use.

The guide features sections that help develop facilitation skills so leaders are informed and comfortable when speaking with students on the topic. Through this guide, SADD peer leaders inform students about the dangers of inhalant abuse by helping them compare their current awareness and knowledge of inhalant abuse to actual facts and statistics. Students are also given the chance to ask questions, interact with peers, and practice saying “no” to inhalants.

By using the Inhalant Abuse Prevention Facilitators Guide you are taking a step to reduce abuse and helping to save lives! Thank you for your support and efforts

Download the Guide in PDF format.

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