Article I

Name:  This organization shall be known as ______ High School SADD, Students Against Destructive Decisions.



Article I
A local chapter is considered part of SADD if it supports this constitution.
Article II
The purpose of this local chapter is to protect lives and improve the general well being of its school and community.  Each group should understand SADD's "no use" message, evaluate the interests and concerns of the group, determine in which areas they can help their peers and the community, and set goals for the year.
Article III
The two classes of student membership are to be referred to as Active and Inactive.
Article IV
Active membership requirements include the following:
  1. Attendance at 50% of general meetings
  2.  Participation in non-meeting activities and events, including serving on subcommittees.
Article V

Inactive membership is extended to all students who support the SADD mission by their beliefs.



Article I
There are two different forms of leadership that a chapter may incorporate. Either of these may be selected.
  1. An executive board model which acts as a team, instead of individual titles.
  2. A traditional model in which the officers of SADD shall be President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, elected annually.  All officers participate in the development of meeting agendas.
  1. President: Calls meetings and provides structure and order during the meetings.
  2. Vice President: In the absence of the president, is assigned presidential duties.  Also chairs subcommittees and is in charge of public relations.
  3. Treasurer: Keeps account of all dues, receipts, expenses, and income.  The president and treasurer must approve any payments. The treasurer must report a clear and correct statement.
  4. Secretary: Responsible for making and keeping contacts in the community.  Also responsible for keeping notes at all general meetings, keeping track of all active members and taking roll at each meeting time and place.
  5. Complete description of Officers' duties and Officer's Contract are located in the SADD Officers section.
Article II
Given the sensible and visible nature of SADD officers, all officers are expected to make a pledge to remain alcohol- and drug-free and must sign the SADD Contract for Life and the Officer's Contract.
Article III
To be eligible for elected office one should be an active member for at least one year prior to election.
Article IV
The elected positions shall be decided via open vote by simple majority rules of the active members.  The election shall take place at the beginning of the school year, or at the end of a school term for the following school year.  There will be no initial vote to limit the nominees to two candidates for each position.
Article V
Officers may be removed from their positions if they fail to comply with their duties and SADD's constitutional provisions.  Guidelines for removal can be found in the SADD Officers section.
Article VI
If an officer resigns or is removed during the school year, the advisor in consultation with the remaining officers will appoint a replacement to complete the remainder of the term of his/her predecessor.
Article VII

The faculty advisor will be approved annually by the school administration.  The advisor continues his/her role of providing advice and counsel.  There is no limit to the number of terms he or she may serve.




Article I
There will be at least one general business meeting per month.  Public notice of the meeting must be made at least two days prior to the event.
Article II
Proper parliamentary procedure will be followed unless the acting president permits otherwise.  All active members except the president have a vote on general business. The president will vote in the event of a tie.
Article III
Members are expected to attend meetings.  If unable to attend but wishing to vote, active members may give proxy vote in writing to an officer.