Best of SADD Awards At the 2014 SADD National Conference in Washington, D.C., SADD will recognize the stellar work of some of its most outstanding contributors, chosen from nominations made by SADD representatives from across the country. SADD National will present Best fof SADD Awards in three categories: Activity of the Year, Advisor of the Year, and Chapter of the Year.

Nomination & Selection Process

2014 Best of SADD National Awards

Activity of the Year
This award is for the best activity, campaign, program, or project by a chapter related to SADD’s mission of promoting safe and healthy decision-making. Judges will consider the following qualities, among others: innovation, creativity, reach, effectiveness, and collaboration. In your nomination, provide a detailed written summary of the activity, including its name, goal or purpose, date(s) when the activity was held, target audience, number of people affected and how they were affected, any costs associated with its implementation, and any resulting media coverage. You may include a letter of support from a school administrator and/or partner as well as any other supporting materials.

Advisor of the Year
This award will be presented to the individual who is considered the most outstanding SADD advisor. Include the reasons why you think your advisor is the best, share his or her passion for SADD, and provide examples to support your nomination. Be sure to include the full name, home address, telephone number, and email address of the advisor and the length of time he or she has served as SADD advisor. Information about students in the SADD chapter and how the advisor and the students interact should also be included.

Chapter of the Year
This award will be presented to the best, most effective SADD chapter. Tell us why you think your chapter is the best, and provide support materials to back up your nomination. On the nomination form, be sure to provide the names of your chapter and your school (and the address), your advisor’s name and contact information, a brief history of your chapter, and details about its activities over the past school year, including why you think it should be recognized as SADD National’s 2014 Chapter of the Year. You may include news clips, a letter of support from a school administrator and/or a parent, or other supporting materials.


First-place award winners in each category will receive a cash prize of $500. Second- and third-place winners in each category will receive $250 and $100 prizes, respectively.

The SADD National office will write and distribute pre-conference news releases to local and regional print and broadcast media acknowledging these honors for first-place winners.

First-, second-, and third-place winners in each category may be asked to submit additional information (including a video or other supporting documentation) to be used during the 2014 SADD National Conference. Additional information will be sent directly to award winners.

2014 Best of SADD National Awards

Click here to download the Nomination Form.


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