Having the Time of Your Life
Pageantry – Spring 2015

Keep Living for the Future
Pageantry – Spring 2014

DCH Toyota of Oxnard Promotes Teen Safety
Toyota Today magazine – November/December 2010

The Positive Impact of Youth Mentoring
Parents League Review – 2009 Edition

A Lease on Life: Parents Play a Pivotal Role in Keeping Teens Safe During the Summer Driving Season
June 2007

Articles Offering SADD Advice

Kiwanis Club of Jupiter-Tequesta Newsletter
March, 2011

Teen Health Report 2011
Chicago Tribune – February 25, 20ll

The Art of Camp: Arts Camps Encourage Expression
by Stephen Wallace, M.S. Ed.
Indy's Child – February, 2010

Keep Your Teens Healthy, Happy with Family-Time Meals
by Leanna Landsmann
United Feature Syndicate – January, 2010

Articles published by Liberty Mutual (www.libertymutual.com)

Like parent, Like child
New findings about teen parents and drinking point out the power of communication—and imitation.
LibertyLines – Volume 15 Issue 1 Winter 2011

Articles by Stephen Wallace, M.S. Ed. published in Camping Magazine (www.acacamps.org)

Always Thank the Bus Driver … And Other Words of Wisdom for All the Campers I’ll Never Meet
Camping Magazine –May/June 2011

After the Deluge — Part III: Letters from My Campers
Camping Magazine –March/April 2011

Confessions of a Disciplinarian: How Managing Camper Behavior Can Save the Summer
Camping Magazine –May/June 2010

The Boy in the Boat – Life Lessons Learned at Camp (for parents)
Camping Magazine – June 2009

The Boy in the Boat – Life Lessons Learned at Camp
Camping Magazine – May/June 2009

The Over/Under – A Back-Story Behind the Drinking Age Debate
Camping Magazine – January/February 2009

The Art of Camp – How Arts Programs Fuel Self-Expression and Youth Development
Camping Magazine – November/December 2008

Camping Alone? Connection, Consistency, and Contribution – How Summer Camps Build Social Capital
Camping Magazine – September/October 2008

Part II: Letters From My Campers – A Counselor’s Guide to Mentoring Youth
Camping Magazine – May/June 2008

Part I: Letters From My Campers – A Director’s Guide to Mentoring Youth
Camping Magazine – January/February 2008

Under the Influence: Respect, Responsibility, and the Conduct of Camp Counselors
Camping Magazine – May/June 2007

Hooking Up, Losing Out? The New Culture of Teen Sex … And How to Talk to Your Campers About It
Camping Magazine – March/April 2007

Epidemic: Translating Drug Prevention Principles to Camp
Camping Magazine – January/February 2007

More Than a Village: Fostering a Community Response to Underage Drinking
Camping Magazine – November/December 2006

Their Space or Yours? Social Networking Sites Bring Risks and Rewards to the Camp Community
Camping Magazine – September/October 2006

Rites of Passage: Camp Pays Off in Youth Development, Happiness, Health, and Safety
Camping Magazine – May/June 2006

Their Space . . . Or Yours? Internet Issues Come to Camp
Camping Magazine – March/April 2006

The Myth of Risk: Promoting Healthy Behavior by Challenging Teens
Camping Magazine – May/June 2005

Articles published in Pageantry (www.pageantry.org)

Your Times to Remember
Pageantry – Spring 2012

Leading By Example
Pageantry – Spring 2011

Play It Safe
Pageantry – Spring 2007

To Be Your Best, Make Safety a Top Prom Priority
Pageantry – Spring 2006

Playing It Safe at Prom
Pageantry – Spring 2005

Planning a Safe Return
Pageantry – Spring 2004

Memories that Will Last a Lifetime
Pageantry – Spring 2003

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